Roam Chandler

Personal Information

Race:Native American
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Convicted of:Racketeering
Lenght of sentence:10 years
Incarceration date:2015
Current release date:12/2024

Roam Chandler

There’s two things people find hard to believe about me. The first is that my real name is Roam, and the second is that I grew up in Montana … even though they are both true.

I’m 24 with a huge heart and an even bigger smile. I’m a pretty big fan of health and fitness; I’d have to say it’s my strongest passion. 

I’d like to say I’m a fanatic but I do indulge in ice cream and cookies from time to time. I exercise about every day and love playing sports; I grew up playing hockey and football.

I also have a strong passion to learn, and aim for an AA in Business Finance within the next couple of years, followed by earning a BA from the London School of Economics.

 I try to better myself in every way and become a stronger person day to day. I have wasted too much of my time and am trying to make up for it.

I try to be a positive person and everyone’s life around me. I like to make others smile. I’m an extremely positive person, and find myself smiling too often. 

I wish to be around people that will help me grow into a better person and help get me where I want in life. I understand that I’m young and it usually takes time in life to mature to that level so not a lot of people my age will have the same outlook as me.

 I think that’s why I find myself in relationships with older people. I want everyone to know I am non-judgmental, full hearted, and love to listen.

I don’t like making promises but I’m pretty sure if you give me a chance I won’t let you down.

If you leave a message please be sure to include a return mailing address as I don’t have access to email.

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ROAM CHANDLER #16569-046
PO BOX 725

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